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Greetings from Cuba!

Today's Songs:

Amazing: Download (MP3, WAV)

Erica: Download (MP3, WAV)

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Should have been your name


I just wanna tame


Driving me insane


If you want it baby

You can have it baby

If you need it baby

You can keep my love

You're amazing

The smile in your eyes and the beauty inside

You're amazing

It's you and I for the rest of my life


You're my all

The feelings I have are true

You're my all

And I've fallen in love with you


(Oh darling)

Honey never taste' so sweet

Got me fallin deep


Knocks me off my feet

Now now sugar

Now darling




Erica Erica

Stop telling those lies

Stop telling me what and when

And start telling me why

Tell the whole truth Erica

Tell the truth no more no less

Lead me from confusion

And the land of second guess


Make a move Erica

Open up your heart

The lies have got to stop

And the truth has got to start

Do the right thing Erica

Call it by its name

What you doing?

What's the rules of this game?


Come on now Erica

This time you've gone too far

Don't play the innocent with me

'Cause I know just who you are


Propaganda propaganda

Sex and lies and slander

Suspicion's growing stronger

Letting my mind wander- no longer

Group photo from Cuba while shooting this music video!


This is the place where I wrote one of my best songs...

Pending Zalon's Vlog/input.

'Erica' music video shot in Cuba:

BONUS: “Amazing” sung for a wedding proposal, caught on camera!

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